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Organ - 1996 - Japan - Horror/Splatter

Organ is a bizarre little film.  It revolves around two central characters, one an undercover cop assigned to infiltrate a criminal human organ harvesting/selling operation labeled the "slaughterhouse", the other being a biology teaching with some really weird shit going on within his laboratory.

Within the first 10 minutes of this film I started to lose track of characters and was struggling to piece together what the hell was going on.  People were dropping dead and murdering each other left and right without any obvious motives, and the locations and lead characters would switch back and fourth from each other rapidly, leaving me quite confused.  I was torn wondering whether I was "supposed" to understand what was happening.

 Being a fan of surrealist cinema I find that these type of films are sometimes more enjoyable if you don't hurt your brain trying to decipher this madness the entire duration of the film, and just go with it and enjoy it for what it is instead, so that's what I did.

On top of all this weirdness, this film is strangely paced as well.  Much of it was very slow moving, yet that was occasionally interrupted by a sudden lightning paced massacre of almost every character in the scene.  These scenes are some of the most redeeming bits in the film in my opinion.

This film is particularly notorious for being a gory video nasty amongst many horror fans.  I had heard much hype about it's high levels of the red stuff.  Perhaps its just that I'm a seasoned gorehound who's sat through all the nastiest of films over the years, but I found it didn't quite live up to the hype regarding the blood n' guts.  Most of the gore in this flick shows up as green or yellow oozing, pus filled infections. There's a scene or two that closely resemble some parts from Mermaid In a Manhole (from the outrageously violent Guinea Pig series out of Japan). This film is most certainly gross, and the ultra slimey makeup FX are pretty cool to look at if you've got a strong stomach, but its not all that shocking to be honest.

So if your a fan of weird films and aren't afraid of a bit of gross shit, I'd say give this one a watch.  Perhaps you will enjoy it more if you indulge in some grass beforehand.

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Plot - 5/10
Action - 6/10
Blood n' Guts - 7/10
Ooze and slime - 8.5/10
OVERALL - 6.5/10

"I've got caterpillars in my belly."  Good luck making any sense of this.
 Giving ol' stumpy some sedatives
 That doesn't look so good.  You should see a doctor about that.
 Yeah, I think that's infected!
 Having a blast!

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