Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Race War: The Remake

Race War: The Remake - 2012 - USA - Comedy/Horror

Race War isn't for everyone.  It's not for the easily
offended.  It's not for in impatient.  Its not for horror movie purists and it's certainly not for those who don't enjoy micro budget movies.  It's a film that must have been made on only a couple of hundred bucks and a cheap camcorder with a crew that has poor understanding of camerawork and lighting.  The acting is horrid, there's plenty of bad jokes and the it feels entirely too long.  All this being said, Race War is definitely not without its merits.

I'd try to summarize the plot but I don't even know that I understood it, so I'll give it my best try.  Two black dudes named Baking Soda and G.E.D. (yikes) drink a couple gallons of PCP and join up with their friend Creature, who is essentially just a guy in a Creature From The Black Lagoon mask who is so annoying he gives Jar Jar Binks a run for his money.  I can't exactly explain what led to the chain of events that followed, but eventually these dudes wage war zombies, robots, and all other races.  No one is safe in this movie.  Every race, from blacks, whites, Asians, Jews and Arabs, are portrayed as a culturally insensitive stereotype.  Every race is equally shat upon, rather hilariously might I add.

One of my favorite things about Race War is that it's completely batshit.  It's loaded with nice gory kills, poop and dick jokes, drug use, bad special FX, tits, video game homages, you name it.  It takes a little while for the film to really get weird, but if you can put up with the lousy jokes and slow pace in the first half or so it really begins to pay off.  This film is essentially a comedy above all else, there's more jokes than there are horror or action aspects, which both helps and hurts the film.  Over half of the jokes are so stupid and drawn out its hard to watch, but there's enough gut busting absurd gimmicks to even it out.

Racewar was fun.  It's flawed, it wasn't as fantastic as the trailer made it look, and it could have been cut down to a shorter runtime, but I enjoyed myself, and when watching a z-grade micro budget horror comedy, that's all you can really ask for, right?

Blood n' Guts - 7/10 
Jokes - 6.5/10 
Acting - 2/10  
Plot - Is there one? you decide 
OVERALL -6.5/10

The Arab character.  A moose puppet bartender.  I dont get it.

Baking Soda chillin' with a bucket of PCP
G.E.D. and creature producing a fat sack.

Post jaw punch.
Baking soda ripping off a zombie face
"The White Devil"

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