Wednesday, January 16, 2013

A Day Of Violence

A Day Of Violence - 2010 - UK - Crime/Exploitation

A Day Of Violence is a British crime flick that is aptly named.  It kicks off with an overly long sex scene that can be compared to a softcore porn, then spares no time getting to the bloodshed.

The story revolves around Mitchell, a debt collector employed by a local gang that kills a man and collects the gang's debt for himself.  Unfortunately he leaves behind some incriminating evidence at the scene and ends up fighting for his life against his own gang.
It quickly becomes obvious there there is not but a single character in this movie that isn't a totally depraved sadist.  Even the lead character spares no expense in torturing and killing those non deserving, and lacking moral values.  I'm all for the anti-hero characters, but unfortunately this one I found myself struggling to identify with, and didn't root for his survival.

A Day Of Violence has a good amount of blood and guts, and most of it looks pretty convincing (particularly a nasty castration scene involving hedge cutters).  The make-up effects are great, and I couldn't spot any CGI which is always commendable in newer low budget movies.  Despite all the kills looking great, most of them weren't all that fun to watch..  Many of the death scenes were so sadistic and undeserved that I couldn't find myself enjoying them.  I think this might also have something to do with the acting.

Most of the actors overact their roles.  The gang members all try entirely too hard to seem angry and intimidating, but wind up swearing all too often and come off as annoying and unconvincing.  This goes for the lead character as well.

Where A Day Of Violence excels the most is in its shoot outs.  The shoots outs are very well done, there's loads of blood and debris flying all about and the bodies pile up pretty quickly.  Sadly the shootouts don't start until the last third or so of the film.  Has there been more of them, this would have been a much more entertaining film.

Plot - 7/10
Action - 6.5/10
Blood n' Guts - 7.5/10
Effects - 8.5/10
Acting - 6/10
OVERALL - 6/10 

Mitchell collects some debts

The gang mercilessly beats a previous member.
Mitchell turns the tables against the gang
Takin' no shit
 A gang member clears the path to a doorway.

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