Sunday, January 13, 2013

Baby Blood

Baby Blood - 1989 - France - Horror/Slasher/Splatter

Baby Blood (AKA The Evil Within) is a very nasty little french film.  It starts off on a circus grounds trailer park.   Things take a turn for the worse when an imported African leopard carrying with it a nasty ancient parasite shows up at the place.  The parasite escapes the leopards body and searches for a new host.  It settles on local circus performer Yanka, entering her body through particularly violating means during her slumber.. 

Yanka doesn't seem to be too fond of her current lifestyle, on top of having an abusive and controlling boyfriend, she isn't all the great at tiger taming either.  After she finds out that she's pregnant, she decides to flee the circus and head to the city.  She seems to think she was impregnated through illegitimate means (sleeping around with the circus folk).   She is initially unaware that the baby growing inside her is an evil creature that will begin to speak to her though her mind and influence her actions, forcing her to sacrifice human lives to feed it's life force and allow it to grow!

What follows is a gory and over the top story of sexual freedom and womanhood.  Die hard feminists will probably get a kick out of this movie, a lot of the men who get killed by Yanka are the creepy perverted types, who try too hard to hit on Bianca, or lecherously follow her around, womanizers and wife beaters and such.  Many of the kills feel deserved.

Most all kills in the one have copious amounts of blood and exaggerated arterial spray, there's a few good decapitations too.  The finale is immensely bloody and violent, most all of the victims seem to pay no attention to the fact that Yanka is drenched in blood until its too late!
The majority of this film dubbed, however with this Anchor Bay DVD release is completely uncut, and parts were added in that didn't have the original dubbing tracks, so they are in French with subtitles. including a hilariously awkward scene where a truck driver switches from speaking in french with subtitles to dubbed English mid-sentence.  The dubbing doesn't match very well but it isn't awful, the voice acting is pretty decent for the most of the main character roles, but it lacks a bit for some minor characters..

In conclusion Baby Blood is a pretty fun flick with enough blood and guts to satisfy most gorehounds.  The DVD quality is great and packed with special features, Anchor Bay really gives these forgotten movies the proper DVD treatment, props to them.

Plot - 7.5/10
Acting - 6.5/10
Blood n' Guts - 7.5/10
Pace - 7/10
OVERALL - 7.5/10

Yanka ain't cut out for this circus life

 one of Yanka's creepy new city neighbors

 Dude was too clingy, had to die...
A bad nightmare...

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