Friday, January 11, 2013

The Deadly Spawn

The Deadly Spawn - 1983 - USA - Horror/Splatter/Creature-Feature

The Deadly Spawn, in my eyes, is an absolute B-movie essential.  A total classic, and criminally under rated.  Everything from the awesome '80s synthesizer soundtrack to the buckets of blood and guts and one of the coolest damn monsters ever featured on the silver screen work together flawlessly to make The Deadly Spawn, a nearly perfect creature feature.

A meteorite crashes on earth in a remote location, bringing with it a particularly hostile alien, hell bent on munching faces!  The alien takes refuge in the basement of a suburban home and terrorizes its unsuspecting inhabitants.

A small boy and a group of neighborhood teenagers must overcome the odds and get rid of this monster to stop it's reign of terror before it multiplies enough to take over the entire town!  The young boy is a character often found in these type of films: the misunderstood horror movie fanatic.  He gets a kick out of watching fright flicks and dressing up in scary costumes, despite his parents strong disapproval.  Luckily his knowledge of horror flicks is good for something after all, as it comes in handy when combating the bloodthirsty monster, certainly more useful then his nerdy neighbor's biology knowledge.

This film entertains with great force.  The characters are all great, most of the acting is pretty cornball but not to the point where it distracts from the story.  The film also moves at a fantastic pace, it doesn't take long at all for the body count to start adding up, and when it starts it doesn't stop until the end.  

Where this movie stands out the most is it's monsters.  The 3 headed, absurdly toothy alien is one of the most original and kick ass creatures I've even seen in a low budget B movie.  It's clearly fake in some scenes and moves like an oversized puppet in a way, yet it only adds to how friggin' awesome it is.  This particular alien reproduces at an alarming rate.  It's small worm-like babies begin to infest the entire house, and grow larger by the minute.  These alien worms manage to thoroughly ruin a bunch of old batty grannie's little dinner party in a exceptionally hilarious and gory scene.

The Deadly Spawn has been a favorite of mine ever since I grabbed it blindly at a local best buy when I was 16.  It's an immensely entertaining flick that deserves way more recognition than it gets, and has one of the greatest B-grade endings ever, which left the story open for a sequel, unfortunately one was never made.  If you like B-movies, you will like the Deadly Spawn, guaranteed.  Certified gem.  Go see it now.

Deadly Spawn DVD

 Plot - 7/10
Acting - 6/10
Monster FX - 10/10
Blood n' Guts - 8/10
Cheese - 8/10
OVERALL - 9.5/10

 What lurks in the basement...

The spawn's prize
The baby spawns take apart a face
The young boy confronts the monster....
 One of these grannies is about to get a special surprise!
Head chompin'!

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