Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Shaolin Drunkard

Shaolin Drunkard - 1983 - Hong Kong - Kung-Fu/Comedy

Shaolin Drunkard is a downright silly movie.  It feels like an Asian version the The Three Stooges doused in heavy doses of crack and LSD.  The comedic aspects of Shaolin Drunkard are most present through its slapstick style fighting and stunts, as well as its wacky actors and their facial expressions. this flick also uses a wide range of hilarious sound effects, and has monumentally bad and cheesy dubbing.

On top of being silly, this film is equally bizarre.  Shaolin Drunkard is so damn weird that I wouldn't hesitate to say that it gave me a bit of a surrealist vibe.  Many of the stunts, unique weapons and contraptions, and strange monsters are not only hilarious and bizarre but impressive and inspired.  All these great effects and stunts are complimented by vibrant and colorful set design.

I wont delve to deep into the plot, as it isn't all that interesting and often is squandered by several subplots, but I will say it revolves around an evil wizard held prisoner that escapes from the temple he is held in.  Its up to the old drunkard with obnoxiously big buck teeth and his unlikely sidekick to stop his path of destruction.

This particular Kung-Fu flick doesn't have a dull moment.  It moves at an extremely fast pace throughout. The fighting itself doesn't particularly stand out, but when the weapons and magical powers are brought into play, such as the metal rings, (wielded by the evil wizard), things get real interesting and the stunts become quite complex and fun to watch.  The director Woo-Ping Yuen has an impressive resume in stunt and action director work, including films like Drunken Master, Kill Bill Vol. II, and Kung Fu Hustle (which happens to bare a strong resemblance to this film)

Overall Shaolin Drunkard is an extremely entertaining film.  The FX are great, the laughs come often and the cheese level is high.  If you're a fan of Kung-Fu and general silliness give it a watch.

You probably wont have any luck finding the DVD, whole thing is on youtube though! Shaolin Drunkard youtube link

Plot - 4/10
Action - 9/10
FX - 8/10
Laughs -  8/10
Blood n' Guts - 2/10
OVERALL - 8/10 

The drunkard does some silly nonsensical shit.

The evil wizard prepares his escape!
Getting slapped around by a spinning boxing glove booby trap.
Wielding the power of flame!
A scheming street merchant.
An enormous evil toad lurks behind the drunkard!

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