Saturday, January 12, 2013

Red Scorpion

Red Scorpion - 1988 - USA - Action 

Red Scorpion is a late 80's action flick starring all time great action legend Dolph Lundgren.  Dolph plays a Russian Spetsnatz mercenary who is shipped off to Africa and hired to assassinate the leader of a rebel movement.  This mission doesn't last long as Dolph doesn't play by the rules and quickly ruins his credibility by getting wasted at a local bar and randomly kicking every ass that blocks his path and discharging a full clip of a submachine gun.  He is then imprisoned, but not for long... He busts out with some cell mates (including M. Emmet Walsh, who gives a highly entertaining performance) and goes on the run!

Dolph's character is a man of few words, and the few sentences that he speaks are often hard to understand due to his thick Russian accent.  One thing is for sure though, Dolph's character is one no nonsense, tough mother fucker.  He's the kind of pseudo superhuman action hero that punches dents in steel doors and lifts entire trucks by himself.  He will diffuse a situation with lightning speed by crushing bones with his massive 2 ton fists, or accurately ventilating everyone on screen with an RPK.  Lets just say the bad guys go down pretty hard in this one, something I always find desirable in an action movie.

The main flaw with Red Scorpion is its attempt at sentimentality.  Dolph ends up befriending several Africans, including a bushman, and begins sympathize with the native peoples and question the moral values of  his mission.  This is all good and well in theory, however I don't think it fits well in this type of cheesy 80's action flick.  I like my action movies pure and mindless, especially my B-grade ones.. Why bother with the sentimental crap when you could replace it with bullets and explosions?  I know this sounds ignorant, but the long pauses in death and destruction in this movie really brought it down a few notches.  That being said, all of the action scenes are exciting and satisfying, and Red Scorpion in a fun flick despite it's flaws.

You can find the DVD on Amazon - Red Scorpion DVD  and the movie is also currently on Netflix if you have it.

Plot - 5/10
Action - 7.5/10
Blood n' guts - 2/10
Acting - 7/10
OVERALL - 7/10

Dolph doesn't like being in a cell....

M. Emmet Walsh and his cellmate hide in the back of the getaway vehicle
Lundgren uses his ludicrous strength to lift a military truck out of a pothole.
Potato masher epic fail...
A truly great shot.

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