Thursday, January 3, 2013

No Reason

No Reason - 2010 - Germany - Horror/Splatter

No Reason is a film by notorious German gore director and FX artist Olaf Ittenbach.  Unlike some of  his earlier efforts such as the infamous bloodbath Premutos, (widely regarded as one of the goriest films ever made!) No Reason sheds the cheesy dubbing and corny attempts at humor and takes a serious approach. 

This flick starts off with a pretty slow building, creepy atmosphere in the protagonist Jennifer's apartment, she meets some rather eerie characters, but the film quickly takes a sharp left turn as she wakes up naked in a pile of decapitated body parts in a subconscious hellish dream world.

This dream world is separated by different color coded "levels", green, red, yellow and so on, each representing different emotions, and each level equally as perverse and violent as the next.  She's guided through much of these surreal color dimensions by a menacing deity-like character that resembles Cthulhu.

One of this films strongest aspects would have to be its atmosphere.  It loses much of its eerie feel after Jennifer enters the dream worlds, yet it manages to keeps a very dark, surreal vibe throughout.  Some parts I felt even resembled being taken through a a tour of an ultra-violent, blood soaked haunted house.

Ittenbach has certainly honed his craft since his earlier films.  The countless, relentlessly brutal decapitations are very convincing.  He manages to spill buckets of blood without it seeming hoakey and unrealistic.  The acting in this film is most definitely much stronger than his older films.  This may be contributed to the fact that he had a bigger budget for this film and was able to hire better actors, but it could also be contributed to Olaf's improving direction skills.

One thing is for sure: Olaf Ittenbach is a sick, twisted fuck, and this is one hell of a demented horror flick.  This is certainly a weird movie and its not for everyone, but gorehounds most likely will not be disappointed with the copious amount of gore most have come to expect from an Ittenbach film.

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Plot - 7/10
Blood n' Guts - 8/10
Acting - 7/10
Depravity - 8/10
OVERALL - 7/10

Jennifer wakes up in level red.  Not too happy.
 Dude gets the cenobite treatment in the crazy S&M level green
One of the freaks in level blue.
 Jennifer in level yellow.
Jen's had enough!!! 

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