Saturday, January 5, 2013

The Prowler

The Prowler - 1981 - USA - Horror/Slasher

The Prowler is a cult classic slasher film from the early 80's, with gore done by the legendary FX wizard Tom Savini.  I try to catch all of Savini's films, but this was my first viewing of the film since I had slept on getting the DVD for so long .

The story starts off in 1945.  Young Rosemary writes her overseas soldier boyfriend a letter informing him that she no longer wants to commit to a long distance relationship, and wishes to move on.  Bad idea.  During her graduation dance, her and her new lover are brutally slain, and the killer is never caught.  30 years later that same dance is happening again, and the killer returns to pick off unsuspecting college students.

This film follows the typical slasher formula.  Young and stupid college kids goof around, spike the punch and show their tits, all the while being stalked by masked killer in military garb.  It doesn't come off all that corny though, as all the acting is quite adequate.

The killer has a pretty intimidating and creepy presence.  He is often shown in close-ups, in a Giallo style kind of fashion, only showing his combat boots or gloved hands, gripping his knife.  When he is shown fully, his face is always shrouded by some sort of hooded cover, which looks super eerie.

I know I say this all too often, but where this film stands out the most is the kill scenes. (lets be honest, that's what you people are watching these movies for anyways, right?) The body count isn't all that high, but when someone get picked off, Tom Savini's gore effects DELIVER.  There are some very impressive and realistic deaths on display, and there's a fantastic exploding head as well. (one of Savini's specialties)

One area where The Prowler struggles a bit is its pacing.  It attempts the slow suspense building and cat-and-mouse games a good deal, but it fails to scare due to the film being a bit dated. (maybe i'm just jaded)   

In conclusion, The Prowler is a good film.  Its nothing fantastic, but I would say it surpasses loads of the sub-par slasher films released during this time period.  Give it a veiwing if your a fan of Slasher movies or Tom Savini.

Plot - 6.5/10
Acting - 7.5/10
Blood n' Guts - 7/10
FX - 9/10
OVERALL - 7/10

Spiking the punch!

Knife to the dome! ouch!
Impending doom.

Great FX
 Playing cat & mouse.

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